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Custom CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system that allows the owner of a site to change multiple parts of a site, for example the content of a page or the items sold in a webshop. This is not necessary if this function is not needed. A custom CMS is made to your specifications.

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WordPress is a free-to-use CMS. The advantage of WordPress is that there are many plugins available to enhance the user experience, but there is not as much customizability on the admin side of the site. A custom CMS would have this advantage.

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Custom Theme

A theme is the look of a website. A custom theme is made to your needs and requirements. This has the advantage of full customizability, but it is more costly than a publicly available theme. The process of the website building will also take longer as the theme has to be developed. There is a possibility to make the theme available to the public for a reduction in development costs.

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Public Theme

A public theme is a theme that is already made by others. This theme is free-to-use or has a one time fee. The advantage is that it is cheaper than a custom theme, but that comes at the cost of less to no customizability. If that is a requirement, a custom theme may be better suited to your needs. The possible costs of the theme are additional costs and will not be covered in the quoted price.

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A webshop is an online shop to sell many different types of goods. The advantage of a webshop is that the costs are much lower as you don't have to have a physical store and only need a warehouse to store the goods before being sold.


A message section is a section where you can place posts to update the visitor of the site of something. This can be a new item for sale in the webshop or another kind of message.

Login Page

With the customer login functionality, customers can make their own account to buy goods in the webshop or to react to a message posted in the message section. In combination with a webshop, this is very user-friendly.

Contact Form

With a contact form, visitors can reach out to the company without having to send an email or call the company themselves. The company will get an automatic notification through email with the message.


With the reservations funcitonality, customers can make a reservation to rent something or to hire a service. This is especially useful for rentals, catering or other services.

Multi language

A multi language site enhances the user experience for international customers as they can visit the site in their own language.


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